AGV VNA Forklifts 1.6 Ton

  • With Zowell Tri-laterial forklift, you can handle with more pallets and reach higher in very narrow aisle then gain more storage capacity.
  •  It is fitted with full AC technology system makes the forklifts response rapidly and achieve accurate control, increase forklifts’ life, and reduce energy consumption. 
  • Load center: 1600 kg
  • Lifting Height: 3000-9000mm
  • Bucher  Hydraulic system
  • Electric Motor: AC,6KW
  • Tire: PU
  • Driving Type: Standing On

2.5 Ton Electric Pallet Truck Automated Guided Vehicle

  • Small size: thinner, smaller, more dexterous, can operate on floors and elevators
  • Quick deployment: One-click drawing, support for non-reverse SLAM positioning, fast construction
  • Human-computer interaction: vehicle-mounted system, dispatch system, warehouse management system, simple operation and easy to use
  • Super fast charge: 24V210AH lithium battery can be configured to support 1 hour fast charge.
  • Pallet correction system: The pallet is automatically aligned to improve the accuracy of the operation.
    Quick customization: modular design, able to quickly respond to customer needs

2 Ton Pallet Truck Automated Guided Vehicle

Lifting Height: 2000 kg
Height Recongnition:
Suitable foir transporting of goods in different height-level area by height recognition system.

System control: Trough the system control,it can stack the goods by itself.

Applicable pallets:Suitable for different size of pallets which are made of wooden, plastics,metal etc.

Network Recognition: Equipped with automatic.recensures the safety work. and wireless communication function,ensures the safety work.