Electric Roll Pallet Truck

  • 1. Stanbdard with EPS function
  • Regenerative braking function
  • CURTIS Electronic Controller from Europe
  • Suitable for roll length 500-2000mm
  • Lifting Height: 290m
  • Bucher  Hydraulic system
  • This truck can hold paper roll with diameter from 800mm to 2000mm
  • Tire: PU
  • Driving Type: Standing On

Electric 8 Ton Customizing Towing Head

  • Towing capacity:8000kg
  • Driving type: Pedestrian type
  • Standard with EPS function
  • AC Curtis controller
  • Lifting Height: 150mm
  • Load capacity : 8000 kg
  • Operation Type: Pedestrian 
  • Driving Motor Rating : 3kw
  • Tire: PU

Electric Stacker With Core Chuck

  • Electric Stacker with Core Chuck
  • AC curtis technology;
  • HYDRAPP Hydraulic pump;
  • Without handle bar,with operator’s platform;
  • Core Chuck weight is 300KG;
  • 5.300 kg load capacity,with 1.7m lifting height;
  • Driving motor rating 1.5kw,Lifting motor rating 2.2kw;
  • With Chinese battery 24V/210AH,seperate charger 24V/30A;
  • Frei handle with rocker switch

Electric Stacker With Overhead Guard

  • Electric Stacker Trucks With Overhead Guard
  • Brand Name :ZOWELL
  • Certification :CE
  • BATTERY :Lead Acid or lithium battery
  • The mast and the frame are dividable and exchangeable.

Electric Paper Roll Pallet Truck 4 Ton

Zowell XPK paper roll pallet truck is a compact truck with the loading capacity within 15 ton. This truck can hold paper roll  or coil with diameter ranging start from 800 mm to 2000 mm.  This electric pallet truck is extensively used for easy movement of paper rolls from one place to another

  • Load capacity: 4000 kg
  • Lifting height: 320 mm
  • Drive Unit: Electric
  • Operation Type: walking
  • Tire : PU

Electric Reach Stacker With Soft Clamp

Paper Roll Clamps
Designed for mills, warehouse, printers, news-paper publishers and converters.
Be satisfied user with efficiency and continuous operation, and manufacturing material using high strength steel.
Be satisfied user different working conditions with 360° Bidirectional rotation.
Reasonable design and convenience with advanced hydraulic components in the world.