SD Line

The perfect combination of these 3 elements allows Millibar to obtain an even, regular air flow without any turbulent areas. The performance obtained in this way is not even comparable to those old semi-downdraft spraybooths present on the market or known up to now.

  • Partial warm air recirculation in bake mode to obtain temperature uniformity
  • Inverter on exhaust motor to adjust pressure inside the spraybooth
  • No need of pit excavations
  • No need of metal basement and ramps

Mixing Areas

The Millibar mixing rooms have been designed to provide a bright, clean and well-ventilated area for mixing paints. White pre-coated steel and color-corrected, high efficiency lights allow proper colour matching.

  • Removal of harmful fumes and vapors Effective removal of contaminants and dust in the mix room air
  • Smooth fit and finish reduces risk of dust collection Insulated design reduces noise inside the booth
  • Better light diffusion minimizing reflections and glare Weld-free construction prevents rusting and improves booth strength
  • Ideal illumination for proper colour matching High efficiency neon tubes for high energy savings

Preparation Areas

Our Millibar preparation bays are suitable for the preparation of the vehicles or vehicle parts. The suction effect around the vehicle captures dust from sanding operations.

  • Our Prep Stations are available in full down draft or semi-down draft airflow configuration, with single-bay or double-bays designs and with total exhaust or partial recirculation system.

  • Side and front curtains, fascia panel with rails, plenum and lighting system are available as option.