Hydraulic Industrial Guide Rail Cargo Lift Elevator

Lead rail hydraulic elevator platform is used for transfer cargo between different floors. freight lift will easily find their application in factories, construction buildings even private homes .Self-height is about 120-300mm. This platform can install on the ground directly or make one pit. Hydraulic drive, steady working and simple operate

  • Load Capacity: 5 ton or customized
  • Lifting Height: 3m~20m
  • Platform Size: 6m
  • Hydraulic oil: 32# anti-wear hydraulic oil
  • Control Type: digital control button

Two floor outdoor small load cargo lift for warehouse

This goods lifts is typically used to transport goods or pallets between floors of buildings. It can easily be used indoors or outdoors in buildings, warehouses, or wherever you need it

  • Load Capacity: 500~1000 kg
  • Lifting Height: 3m
  • Lift  Speed: 6m
  • Lift size: 3 -4m/min 1100*800 mm
  • Hydraulic cylinder: 80*1 Pieces