Selective Pallet Racks System

Selective pallet racking is the most commonly used pallet racking system. These systems are called “selective” because they allow users to select any pallet load from the pallet racking system without having to move any other pallets. Selective pallet racking systems are the least expensive variety available, based on cost-per-pallet position.

 Selective pallet racking systems provide immediate accessibility to store and unload pallets.

Cantilever Storage Rack

The Cantilever Storage Rack is one of the many types of storage racking that uses a column plus a cantilevered arm structure and is suitable for storing long materials, plates, ring-shaped materials and irregular goods.

  • Hole pattern: Circular hole, Inclined hole
  • Product mix: bracket, base, upright, connection rod,
  • Connection type: Plug-in type
  • Bracket load : 500kgs~800kgs

Drive-in Drive-Thru Pallet Racks System

Drive-in Pallet Racking is the lowest cost and most popular form of high-density pallet racking. By using ledges instead of beams, forklifts are able to drive into empty rack locations enabling multiple-deep storage of pallets

  • Provides highest storage density
  • Particularly suitable for storage of large quantities of the same product
  • Designed to ensure optimal performance at the lowest cost per footprint

Radio Pallet Shuttle Racking

The Radio Pallet Shuttle Racking is a compact storage system in which a shuttle driven by an electric motor runs on rails inside the storage channels, replacing forklifts, considerably reducing operating times and enabling items to be grouped by channels rather than complete lanes.

  • More Flexible
  • More safety
  • More convenient

Mobile Shelving

Electric Mobile shelving combines the mobile shelvings with the convenience of and electric drive system, it suit any room and storage capability.

The features for Electric Mobile Shelving :

  • Fast and convenient access
  • More safer with the emergency stop system
  • Can set password protections freely
  • More efficient than manual mobile shelving

Mezzanine floors racking system

Mezzaine floor is strong and stable structure that creates additional useful space in factories, warehouses, commercial buildings, etc, without the need to construct a new building or alter the existing installation.

The mezzanine floor is built of formed steel section that are normally used in building structures, so is very strong and durable.

In addition to standard configurations, it can be designed for a wide range of loads & spans as required by the client.

Automated Storage System AS/RS

Automated warehouse storage system AS/RS Racking: There are 3 types for automatic racking system, they are shuttle racking, beam type racking and bracket type rack, They are the main support for AS/RS.

  • Reduce the use of forklifts to reduce costs
  • Adapt to any existing facility and space
  • Maximize warehouse capacity