walk behind floor scrubber

A walk-behind floor scrubber that works to reduce the cost to clean while still providing dependable performance. The RAL500 Walk-Behind Scrubber is ideal for cleaning small and congested spaces found in retail stores and schools. 

  • Power:550W
  • Sound Level:≤65dbA
  • Ext.Dim(w/o Squeegee):1330*1200*580mm
  • Scrubbing Path:510mm
  • Brush Motor Voltage:DC24V 550W
  • Battery Working Duration:4-5h
  • Weight :190kg
  • Battery:2*12V 100Ah

hand push Floor Scrubbers

Ronlon RLA430 floor scrubber is a multifunctional hand-push rechargeable scrubber that integrates washing, mopping and suction. It uses a running water cleaning system and a wet and dry motor to ensure that dry and wet garbage is handled at one time, clean and pollution-free.

  • Cleaning width:430mm
  • Cleaning efficiency:800-1000m2/h
  • Walking speed:5km/h
  • Clean water tank capacity:3.2L
  • Dirty water tank capacity:6.5L
  • Voltage:36V
  • Continuous working time:1-1.2Hour
  • Brush pressure:6kg
  • Brush power:120w(BLDC)
  • Suction Motor power:150w (BLDC)           

Automatic Floor Scrubbers

The RLA1100 is the large Auto scrubber dryer in the user-friendly series, known for providing high cleaning efficiency at attractive prices. With battery and tank capacity to clean for hours, this machine is ready to take on large areas.      

  • Cleaning Width: 1018mm
  • Squeegee Width: 1300m
  • Solution Tank: 260
  • Recovery Tank: 280L
  • Battery:6*6V 200Ah
  • Brush Speed(rpm): 180-220r/min
  • Brush Motor: DC36V 2*750V
  • Vacuum/Working Motor: DC36V 750W 3
  • Efficiency: 7500-9850m²/h

Ride On Floor Scrubbers

Parameters of RLA860 floor scrubbing machine

  •       Cleaning Width: 860mm
  •       Squeegee Width: 1050mm
  •       Brush size: 16”(2pcs)
  •       Solution Tank: 140L
  •       Recovery Tank: 150L
  •       Brush Speed(rpm): 180-220r/min
  •       Brush Motor: DC24V 2*325W
  •       Vacuum/Working Motor: 800W
  •       Efficiency: 5800-7000㎡/h