Parking Revenue Control Systems

Parking Garage System Self Pay Parking Stations

Parking Garage System Self Pay Parking Stations also name as automated parking payment machine, pay on foot station, setting on the way to parking lot exit or other proper location. It offers self-service of parking fee collection to drivers. 

  • On each side of the auto pay station, there is 15” advertising screen. The parking lot manager can gain revenue from the 24 hours non-stop broadcasting advertising.
  • Also it can be put in open small parking lot, working with automatic barrier gate for unattended management, which can save labor cost a lot.

Car Park Barrier System High Speed Arm Barrier Gate

Car Park Barrier System High speed arm barrier gate for car parking management is very effective in controlling access to the parking lot by using a remote control with a high level chip for parking security.

  • Three control buttons: for boom raising, falling and pausing.
  • Boom backtrack function: the boom will rise if it hits something when falling.
  • Both external and internal loop detectors are supported.
  • ‘Open’, ‘Close’ and ‘Stop’ controlling interfaces.
  • Remote control and wire control for selection.

Parking Flap Lock System

Parking Flap Lock system: After parking a car on these types of parking lots, a flap will rise to hold the car. When the flap rises, the time counter will start

  • Using the perception of the car’s underbody position to control the lock, during the rising process of the plate, it has the anti-pressure device. The plate will automatically rise after the tire leaves.
  • The down strength is light when the plate is landing down, so it can prevent the accident of extrusion, and it has the power-off function due to a timeout.
  • The safety is based on that the plate’s up and down can be controlled.

Car Park Number Plate Recognition System

It can realize front-end license plate recognition and capturing functions through embedded system architecture. 

  • Built-in license plate recognition algorithm;
  • Support built-in black and white list management;
  • Built-in LED light for nighttime license plate recognition;
  • The algorithm can automatically adjust the camera’s imaging brightness according to the ambient light to ensure the quality of all-weather picture capture;