Flexi 15 – VN/SN (1000/1200)


  • Flexi 15 can work in just 1.6-metre aisles (ISO pallet) or 1.8 metres (Euro Pallet)
  • Convert existing costly guided very narrow aisle operation, eliminate double handling
  • Digital brushless motor technology for faster travel and lift reduced power consumption
  • Independent 1.8KW power steering motor conserves battery energy, very low noise level and no kickback
  • Elastic rubber treaded tyres on all wheels, for use on all floor surfaces with long service life

Flexi MAX 22/25 – S+/W/EW/WHL


  • Lifts heights to over 15 metres
  • Heavy-duty fixed space frame lift mast for unbeatable high-level stability
  • Tilting side shifting forks means special flat floors not required
  • HiViS overheads guard exceeds all EU/US safety standards
  • CCTV/LCD HiDEF operator vision system integrated
  • Heavy-duty 2.5T articulation design

Flexi 25 – W/EW (1350/1400)


  • Lift heights to over 13 metres
  • Heavy-duty 2.5T articulation system
  • Extended shift work from high capacity batteries and digital motor technology
  • Independent power steering motor and hydraulic pump to ensure smooth; kick free steering
  • Operator Vision System (CCTV/LCD) options
  • Heavy-duty Flexi for industrial customers who want to save space and increase pallet throughput
  • Loads up to 2.5 tonnes

Flexi StorMAX 25 – W/EW/WHL (1350/1400/1500)


  • Store two pallets deep, only one aisle
  • 50% mare pallets stored compared to reach truck
  • Unique Stability Control System (SCS)
  • Lift heights to over 11 metres, two deep
  • Very narrow aisles (VNA) save space
  • Hi DEF Operator Vision System (CCTV/LCD) safe stacking
  • Fast hydraulic two deep forks
  • No waiting for shuttle cars
  • 30% faster than shuttle cars

Flexi PiCK

Powerful Picking Solutions from Research and Innovation. Eliminates manual handling issues. Whole product layers and wooden pallets can be stacked into stable, uniform pallet loads ready for dispatch. Over 1,000 cases per hour, per unit can be picked.

  • Unique product layer picking system
  • Low capital investment cost
  • PiCK rates of over 1000 cases per hour
  • Creates FMCG marketing opportunities

Flexi ECO

Flexi ECO Digital is our remanufactured product that reuses over 30% of all raw materials at the end of a truck’s economic life, providing significant cost savings compared to an equivalent new truck. 

All steel and iron components are recovered, tested, upgraded and repainted. Additionally, all other components are removed and recycled for use elsewhere or disposed of in an environmentally sensitive manner.