Gate Motor

Linear Swing Gate Opener

The type of Linear Swing Gate Opener comes with a thrust force 400*3000N, which can lift gates weighted 500kgs. The voltage is DC24V, much safety for residential use. You can choose for single swing or dual swing to accommodate your needs.

Model :K580
Input Voltage :DC24V
Rating Power:80W
Thrust Force:400*3000N
Max Door Weight:500KG

Sliding Gate Opener Automatic Gate Motor

K20 using advanced technology, this gate opener is an overheating protector, its smooth operation and easy installation will better satisfy your needs, with turbine and turbine rod transmission structure, manual clutch will be conducted when power is failed.


  • Overheating protector
  • Smooth operation, Easy installation.
  • Transmission structure of turbine and turbine rod
  • Manual clutch when power failure